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The digital health market is difficult to navigate since it is quite young and, due to its technological nature, constantly evolving. The resulting lack of clarity can discourage actors’ interaction and cooperation. This, together with the existing difficulties of SMEs to find funding and the urgent need to increase the level of private investment in European digital health, explains the necessity to create an online map that provides clear information and encourages interaction among the actors in the sector.

Though there are already several online platforms that support private investments, we offer specialization in the entire digital health network. It’s the first map of European digital health. There is a need to bring transparency to the ecosystem to, among others, accelerate the pace of private investment and favor the connection across different eHealth stakeholders. 

What we offer

The eHealth Hub Platform is an online tool featuring different types of actors: SMEs, investors, healthcare organizations, legal and regulatory service providers, etc.

These actors will be able to register to the platform and provide relevant information about what they offer or what they are looking for. Then, they will easily search and filter according to their preferences. For example, investors can be segmented by their investment stage preferences, location or other relevant criteria.

An opportunity not to be missed

By identifying the key European eHealth actors, the Platform will enhance transparency in the sector and enable stakeholders’ interaction to promote and accelerate business growth.

For example, by joining the Platform eHealth SMEs would:

  • Identify their more suitable potential investors more easily, since their investment criteria will be much more transparent;
  • Gain visibility among investors that have explicitly stated their interest in digital health;
  • Save time by connecting only with those investors that match their funding needs.

Investors would:

  • Meet interesting co-funding opportunities;
  • Be informed on what is going on (eg. who is investing where);
  • Gain visibility and recognition in quality of top performers, increasing their reach, both to companies and other investors.

Other stakeholders would:

  • Spot potential vendors;
  • Get in touch with relevant expertise;
  • Identify what are the relevant trends.

Is the Platform for you?

The Platform will initially support eHealth SMEs to easily identify relevant investors per geography or investment stage . As an added value, it will support investors (eg. Business Angels and Venture Capital funds) to identify suitable co-investors based on their track record.

On a second phase it will be open to other stakeholders like healthcare organizations, legal and regulatory experts, pharma or medical device companies to scout or offer services to the ecosystem. The ultimate objective is to become the place to find and be found if related to eHealth.

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The eHealth Hub project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No727683.