Servicio Extremeño de Salud is looking for a clinical decision support system using data analytics/artificial intelligence to support clinical decisions & research

This call for applications is part of Extremadura’s MEDEA project, a precision medicine project combining genomics, scientific literature and patient data to optimize prescriptions, patient outcomes and clinical trial recruitment.

MEDEA aims to build a clinical support decision system that will use this information to:

  • predict any drug adverse reactions
  • recommend the most effective treatments
  • identify the most suitable candidates for clinical trials.

Eligibility criteria

The solution MUST:

  • Refer to the latest genomic/bio-marker literature and databases of adverse reactions.
  • Take into account patients’ multi-pathology situations, multiple drug therapies.

It would be a PLUS if the solution could also:

  • Predict drug efficacy
  • Recommend dosages
  • Take lifestyle choices and behaviours into account.
  • Include genetic testing capabilities or a partnership with a genetic testing partner
  • Target adverse events in psychiatry, cardiovascular diseases and cancer treatments This call for applications is particularly aimed at projects from conception to early development stages (i.e. digital solutions with a technology readiness level or TRL < 6).

Operational Calendar

Call for application deadline: December 2018

Application review: January 2019

Announcement of finalists: February 2019

Contact details if any question

If you have any questions about the Solution Match, please email